What Comes With Confidence: Doralys Britto


As soon as Doralys walks in the room she brings an ambiance of confidence and positivity. Fear is no where to be found. She is someone who carries herself and her career in the palm of her hands. We’re hanging out at the sociaLebs office as she is prepping herself for the photoshoot. She looks over at the box of donuts I’ve left out on the table and comments, “Oh no, temptation!”, followed by a trail of laughter. 

GK: Let’s start off with the main topic. What does having confidence mean to you?

DB: Believing and trusting in yourself, in your capacities, your abilities and your values. It is owning who you are, your story, your flaws, and everything in between. No one has it all (despite what people may pretend on social media), so just accept the things you can’t change about yourself and work on the things you can.

GK: You carry yourself so well. I’ve been able to see you work in person and there’s never doubt or shyness present. Have you always been so confident or is that something you’ve learned to build over time?

DB: It definitely built over time! I was fortunate to be exposed to a lot of public speaking appearances at a young age, starting with radio and TV stunts as a teenager and then becoming the director of a major beauty contest at the age of 19. I was doing things that were way were way ahead of my age, so I was forced to work on myself… my body language, communication skills, self confidence, etc. I learned not to doubt myself and that “fear” is simply a state of mind. The fears we don’t face become our limits.


GK: We all have those days when we get that cloud of insecurity over our heads. What are some activities or steps that help you bounce out of that?

DB: That is so true – everyone has those days. When I’m feeling that way I head outside and enjoy nature — it is the best medicine. I go hiking, surfing, or walk my dog somewhere secluded where I can just think and enjoy the scenery. I always come back with a more positive mindset and feeling so much better. Nature cures it all!

GK: Do you ever give yourself pep talks or have a pamper routine to hype yourself up before an event, photoshoot, etc?

DB: Not really. I just delve into the project and learn all I can about it before I go. That familiarity makes me feel a lot more confident and ready to rock the day.


GK: What is your favorite quality about yourself and why?

DB: Ugh. That’s a hard one. I suppose it’s my constant desire to improve myself. There are always ways that I can become a better person, both to myself and to others, and I have this drive to always move forward and not settle for “good enough”; I want “freaking amazing”!

GK: What is your advice for someone who is on the journey to finding that “self love” in order to be the best versions of themselves?

DB: Dig deep within. We all have things about us that we are uncomfortable with; if we simply hide them they’ll leak out in all sorts of negative ways. Best to face your individual issues and your fears and work through them. Doing that will generate unbelievable confidence and self love.

GK: There’s a difference between being cocky and being confident. How do you keep yourself grounded?

DB: “Cocky” people are focused on what others think about them. Confidence, self-esteem, and-self love is all about what YOU think of YOU. People who are cocky, even arrogant, use that as a defensive shield to protect themselves from their insecurities because they have not accepted their flaws. And it makes it very difficult to connect with them on a personal level. People who are naturally confident, however, have thrown away that shield, and that leaves them much more grounded. It’s not about competing or impressing others– it’s about being the best person you can be and trying your best for you and no one else.

GK: Is there someone you grew up admiring or looked up to who shaped you into the person you are today?

DB: My mom and dad. They are both very different, but both instilled in me a number of qualities that influence me everyday. From my mom, I got focus, ambition, and grit. From my dad, I learned patience and to worry about myself and not what others think.

GK: How does being bilingual tie into your life? Has that ever stopped you from feeling confident?

DB: I love being bilingual — it opens up so many more interesting experiences. But being bilingual can be a challenge. For instance, when I moved to Los Angeles seven years ago, I began getting invited to be a panelist at English-speaking events. As Spanish is my first language, I remember feeling anxious that I might misspeak, mispronounce some words, or forget my train of thought. So I certainly felt some anxiety there, being forced to speak publicly in my second language. But I just prepared the best I could and dove in. In the end, everything worked out fine so being bilingual actually made me feel more confident this way.

GK: Three words to describe yourself?

DB: Ambitious, confident, hardworking.


Photographer: Alyssa Gonzalez / @alyssapop 

Creative Director: Genesis Kubilis / @genesiskubilis

@doralysbritto  @socialebs 

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